Feb 21, 2020

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Cheap Dental Implants

Dental implants play a crucial role in cosmetic dentistry. Here’s why you should avoid cheap dental implants at all costs:

Cutting Costs Can Cost More

The price of dental implants can fluctuate greatly across the country. Furthermore, dental insurance usually only covers up to half of the total cost. If your condition is severe, you may require more expensive surgery. Oftentimes this concern about pricing drives patients to consider getting cheap dental implants rather than professional-grade. However, this is a terrible, terrible idea for several reasons. For one, in dentistry, cheap often means low-grade materials and haphazard care. With dental implants, aftercare is an incredibly important stage in the healing process, which is exactly why you should avoid cheap dental implants. Infections, faulty bone grafting, and further corrective surgery all lead to increased costs for you if your dental implant goes awry.

Premium Materials

At a professional dentistry like Your Amazing Smile, we have staff that constantly ensures we are using the most modern, premium materials for our patients. Contrarily, cheap dental products like poorly-made dental implants can lead to a plethora of further issues down the line. Furthermore, heap dental implants simply cannot uphold the standard of quality and safety that professional Dentists like Dr. Shwartz and Dr. Levey are committed to providing. In fact, no reputable Dentist would allow their patients to utilize cheap dental implants. It is simply too risky and too dangerous. Click here to schedule a free consultation to learn more about receiving quality dental implants, today.

Aftercare, Aftercare, Aftercare

Do you know what’s almost more important than the material used in your dental implant? Your aftercare. Ultimately, aftercare is the prime reason why you should avoid cheap dental implants. It stands that cheap dental implants equates to cheap aftercare. Yet, the care you receive during the typical 18 months of healing is the most vital. For example, if an infection occurs at the site of your implant, you want quality dental care – not cheap indifference. This is about more than the dollar signs, this about your health.

Always Avoid Cheap Dental Implants

Leave your oral health to professional Dentists like Dr. Shwartz and Dr. Levey. We always ensure that our patients receive only the highest quality of care – and it shows. Simply click here to schedule your free consultation, and we can get you started, today.

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