Jan 12, 2017

There are countless artificial and new sugar substitutes being introduced on the market. With sugar consumption at an all time high in the American diet, it is important to know the impact that sugar can have on your oral health.

The long term effects of each type of sugar and sugar substitute range the spectrum from benign to health compromising. As with everything you consume, sugar directly impacts your oral health. Croton on Hudson, NY dentist Dr. Schwartz always encourages patients to limit their sugar intake for the benefit of both their oral and overall health.

In the article, The Bitter Side of Sweets: Understanding Today’s Dietary Sweeteners and Their Impact on Oral and Systemic Health by Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS, Dr. Reynolds explores the most prevalent sugar and sugar substitute options on the market. From natural honey to high fructose corn syrup, Dr. Reynolds delves into the pros and cons of each sweetener.

Artificial Sweeteners & Oral Health

Synthetic sweeteners have long been considered the smart choice when trying to lose weight or avoid refined white sugar. Recent studies have shown that many of the artificial sweeteners on the market actually cause more health concerns than other natural sugars. In fact, artificial sweeteners are used in products you may not think about including toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral care products.

High consumption of artificial sugars may be linked to serious systemic health concerns. Depending on the sugar substitute, associated health concerns range from increased risk of Alzheimer’s, skin disorders, kidney disorders, and high blood pressure. The increased consumption of sugar and sugar substitutes are directly linked to the increase in obesity and type two diabetes in our population today.

Honey, Good For Oral Health?

There is one sweetener that may actually be good for your oral health. In Dr. Reynolds article, she discusses the health and oral health benefits of honey. Also known as nature’s most natural form of sweetener, honey has recently shown to help deter inflammation of the gums. In addition, honey may have healing properties that help your body’s natural immune system fight off infection, as well as prevent the development or slow the progression of gum disease.

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Preventative dental care is the best way to maintain your oral health. Brush, floss, and visit Dr. Schwartz twice a year to help prevent the negative oral health impacts of sugar.

Make smart decisions when it comes to what you regularly consume. Remember, everything that goes in your mouth impacts the health of your entire body. Contact our Croton on Hudson dentist office to schedule your dental health exam and experience the benefits of our personalized dental care and oral hygiene advice, including tips for lifestyle changes that can improve your long-term oral and overall health.

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