Oct 13, 2016

Dentures have long been the ideal replacement for a full set of teeth. In recent years, the technology, material, and methods have improved drastically. As a result, we are able to create more realistic and better fitting dentures. If you’re suffering with frustrating ill fitting dentures, or are ready for your first denture set, Pala® Digital Dentures may be the restorative dental procedure for you. Pala Digital Dentures offer you a great fit and a confident, realistic smile- with only 2 visits to our Croton On Hudson dentist office.

Dr. Bard J. Levey offers the latest in dental restoration technology when replacing an entire arch of teeth with Pala® Digital Dentures. The procedure is complete in just two visits at our convenient Croton on Hudson NY restorative dental office. Pala Digital Dentures use state of the art technology and offer an exceptional fit, accuracy and overall improved results.


Better Dentures In Just 2 Dentist Office Visits

In only 2 simple visits to our convenient Westchester County dental office, Dr. Levey will have you fitted with Pala Digital Dentures.

Visit #1: Digital impressions are created using CAD/CAM technology. These impressions are used to shape your custom fit dentures. Specialized computer software is used to analyze all aspects of your gum surfaces for a precise dental restoration.

Visit #2: Approximately 2 weeks after your first visit you will come into our Croton on Hudson Dentist office for your final fitting. Dr. Levey will make final adjustments to your Pala digital dentures to ensure a comfortable and healthy fit. You will leave this visit fitted with your confident Pala Digital denture smile!

Benefits of Pala Digital Dentures

  • If damaged or lost, Dr. Levey will create replacements using your digital records. This eliminates an extra visit to the dental office.
  • Improved fit, form, and comfort. The technology used to create the Pala molds is far superior to traditional molds. They allow you to spend less time in the dentist office, and enjoy a better fitting denture.
  • 12 Year Warranty. To protect against any additional costs.

Schedule A Consultation

To learn more about Pala Digital Dentures and how they can restore confidence in your smile, contact our Croton on Hudson NY dentist office today. Dr. Levey will schedule a one-on – one consultation with you and help you plan a comprehensive and unique restorative and cosmetic dental treatment for you. Enjoy the best quality of life with a comfortable, functional smile that looks and feels completely natural.

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