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Dr. Levey has transitioned and retired, but passes the torch with their personal and professional approval to Dr. Schwartz. He is a second generation dentist, who learned his unique approach of providing advanced dentistry while always focusing on the needs of his patient’s from his father (Dr. Robert J. Levey). Dr. Levey’s dad emphasized these words to him: “Always remember that attached to each tooth is a person… you are not just treating a tooth, you are treating a whole person…and usually a very anxious person as well.” Dr. Levey has never forgotten that lesson; as his patients are happy to tell you.

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Dr. Levey’s dad (who practiced dentistry from 1955-1992 in Binghamton, NY) was an amazing dentist, and a pioneer in the field as one of the early dentists to place dental implants, perform dental transplants, and use hypnosis to help his patients relax. What Bard vividly remembers about his dad’s dental practice is how his father never gave in to the pressures of the day when dental insurance was first created in the 1960′s.” Up until the 1960′s, dentists (as well as physicians) were generally solo practitioners working in ‘low volume’ offices which allowed for wonderful doctor/patient relationships to develop. Dental insurance pressured many dentist into giving up the small, personal relationship that was so common–in exchange for ‘high volume’ clinics and multi- roomed offices while chasing the insurance gods.

The doctor no longer had time to get to know his patients as individuals. But my dad never gave in to this easy temptation. My dad chose to keep his office small and personal. My dad really enjoyed getting to know his patients as the wonderful people they were– they were never just patients to my dad…..” Dr. Levey has chosen to carry on the tradition that his dad taught him so well. His office is small (in a good way), and personal. Dr. Levey has also chosen to surround himself with a team that is truly caring and compassionate. Dr. Levey has set up a truly unique dental experience.

More About Dr. Levey:
Dr. Bard Levey is a highly trained dentist whose sole focus is the dental needs and wants of adult patients. Dr. Levey is especially proud of his advanced training, which includes nearly 1200+ hours of continuing dental education since his graduation from dental school in 1991. (Hundreds of hours more than required by New York State). Because of his advanced training, Dr. Levey is especially comfortable when performing advanced and cosmetic dental work using the most modern technologies available.

You will notice the difference as soon as you walk into the office. Dr. Levey designed his office to allow him to treat his patients as individuals, and not like a “dental factory”, which is so common in today’s world of medicine. You will never feel like 1 of 20 patients waiting to see the doctor…

Dr. Levey has been married for over 24 years and has 3 sons (ages 16, 13, 11). For six years he has delivered food for meals on wheels on his day off. Dr. Levey loves the outdoors. With his spare time, you can usually find him working to maintain his self professed goal: “on any given day, I want to be able to swim a mile in open water, hike an Adirondak high peak, or bike 100 miles.” Along lines with his lifelong goals, he has recently completed a two day, 208 mile bike ride from Westchester to the Adirondak Mountains, as well as the 450+ mile, weeklong Cycle Adirondak trip in the summer of 2015

National Winner, Best Smile Makeover, Empress Cover Model Competition 2005
  • Residency: Advanced Education in General Dentistry
  • Eastman Dental Center, Rochester NY ’92
  • D.D.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’91
  • BA Hamilton College, Clinton NY ’87. Cum Laude
  • The prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Advanced Anterior Aesthetic Dentistry 2000 (LVI)
  • Advanced Posterior Aesthetic Dentistry ’98 (LVI)
  • Esthetic Dentistry Education Center at University of Buffalo ’98-’00
  • Graduate Center for Advanced Dental Studies ’97
  • Nearly 1100 hours and counting of up to date continuing dental education.
Professional Affiliations:
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Society of the State of New York
  • American Dental Association
  • Ninth District Dental Society
  • American Sleep Dentistry

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