Dec 10, 2020

This year, give yourself the gift of a smile makeover at the Smile Design Studio in Croton on Hudson. Then, go into the New Year, smiling more and feeling more confident than ever! Everyone deserves to feel great as they show their smile. 

Notably, most people are hiding their smiles this year. Due to the pandemic, we’re wearing masks to protect others. However, as we spend more time at home, more people are focusing on home and self-improvement. 

Give yourself the gift of a smile makeover from an experienced cosmetic dentist. Then, go into the New Year, ready to show your spectacular smile as things get back to normal. It’s the perfect way to improve your appearance, confidence, and health. Plus, it’s a great way to look forward to a brighter, happier future.

Even better, the highest-quality smile makeovers are affordable from Dr. Scott Schwartz. Using artistic vision, the highest quality products, and the best technologies, he will help you realize the smile you always wanted.

Affordable Gift of a Smile Makeover Can Transform Your Smile

Many people live with a smile they are afraid to show. Often, they think their teeth are beyond help. However, with today’s advanced technology and treatments, your smile can look like perfection. Imagine showing off a beautiful smile for all your friends and loved ones. Sometimes, one smile can make an enormous difference in your daily life and brighten the day for others.

If you’re wondering if your smile can look perfect, please take a moment in our Smile Gallery. There, you’ll see some astonishing smile makeovers. As you can see, even those with severe gaps, discoloration, and other issues are now proudly showing off incredible, gleaming white teeth.

See the Results Before You Start

Dr. Schwartz uses a wide variety of techniques and advanced training and knowledge as a cosmetic dentist. Based on your goals and unique smile, he will design a Smile Design treatment plan. Before treatment begins, you can see an accurate preview of the results with a  Smile Design Cosmetic Preview

With options like our Dental Savings Plan, your smile makeover is affordable, even without insurance. So, it’s the ideal gift to yourself for the New Year.

5-Star Smiles and Great Experiences

See what people are saying about their smile makeovers from Dr. Scott Schwartz in our reviews. As you can see, we have many 5-star reviews, even from those who are generally nervous about seeing a dentist.

For example, one of our patients recently wrote this:

“Dr. Schwartz works with an amazing team of people. Walking in as an anxious patient, I was immediately put at ease by the staff. The office is beautiful, high tech, and seems to run like a well-oiled machine. Dr. Schwartz is friendly, fast, and talks you through the procedure step by step. For someone who hates the dentist, could not be happier.”

As you can see, our friendly team puts everyone at ease. From the first moment until your new smile is revealed, we always strive to create the best experiences.

Get Started Now From Home for Free

It’s never been safer or easier to get started on your smile makeover. Now, we are offering free virtual consultations without leaving the comfort of home. After uploading a picture of your smile, Dr. Schwartz will provide a preliminary assessment. Thus, you can get started and learn more until your first in-person exam.

If you’re ready to begin in person, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz in our Croton On Hudson dentist office. Dr. Schwartz welcomes new patients from all Westchester County communities, offering affordable dental care in Cortlandt, OssiningPeekskillCrotonville, and Croton on Hudson

As always, we’re here for you at (914) 271-6224

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