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Dentist Dr. Scott Schwartz offers over 20 years of restorative and cosmetic dentistry experience. With his compassionate team, Dr. Schwartz runs a warm, welcoming practice that treats each patient with attentive care to build individualized treatment plans. Located near the beautiful Hudson River, our Croton On Hudson dentist office serves patients from Cortlandt, Ossining, Peekskill, and Crotonville.

Dr. Schwartz takes the time to listen to each patient’s dental health and cosmetic dental concerns because as his father always said, “behind each tooth, is a person.” This philosophy has been the foundation of our dentist office and the care we offer. Our goal is to provide the dentistry you need to keep your unique smile looking and feeling its best- there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Dr. Schwartz has dedicated many hours to continuing education in all areas of dentistry. He has incorporated some of the latest dental technology, offering you the most comprehensive and precise care.

Treating Complex Dental Concerns Crotonville NY

TMJ is a chronic pain disorder that is caused by the misalignment of the jaw. If you may be suffering from TMJ, visit our Crotonville area dentist office, Dr. Schwartz can help alleviate your jaw pain. A highly trained dentist with many hours of post graduate education, Dr. Schwartz is qualified to diagnose and offer treatment for TMJ disorders.

T- Scan® BIte Technology

A healthy bite can promote healthy overall oral health. Dr. Schwartz will perform an extensive dental health exam and take x-rays of your jaw to gain a detailed understanding of your oral health. In addition to x-rays, Dr. Schwartz uses an advanced digital scanning device to measure your bite. The handheld T-Scan device analyzes the force of your bite to each individual tooth, allowing Dr. Schwartz to pinpoint exactly where there is an imbalance in your bite. Inconsistencies in your bite can lead to chronic headaches, jaw pain, worn or damaged teeth and other long term dental health concerns.

Treating the symptoms of TMJ is only a temporary fix. Dr. Schwartz diagnoses the underlying factor(s) that is the root cause your pain, creating a lasting comfortable bite. Dr. Schwartz always takes the time to discuss all of your treatment options. Our dentist office offers mouth guard or splint therapy, bite correction and orthodontics. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will advocate for the least invasive option that will provide you with a functional, healthy bite.

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Dr. Schwartz Schwartz welcomes new patients from many Westchester County communities. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (914) 303-6884 or use our convenient online request form and we will contact you shortly.

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