General Dentistry Services

Dr. Scott Schwartz provides general dentistry services to patients in Croton On Hudson and many surrounding communities in Northern Westchester County, NY. General dentistry is the foundation of our patient centered dental practice, including the preventive care treatments and procedures focused on disease prevention.

Patient education and disease prevention are two of the most important aspects of our dental practice and the dentistry we provide for you is recommended with your long term dental health in mind. During consultations and routine visits you can expect to spend time with each member of our staff as we offer personalized care, screen for any signs of developing problems and offer conservative treatment options whenever necessary to meet your needs.

General Dentistry Services

Dr. Schwartz has built a professional reputation on providing the highest standard of dental care, provided in a warm, caring environment.

Dr. Schwartz has built a professional reputation on providing the highest standard of dental care, provided in a warm, caring environment. We welcome each patient as a member of our extended family and are dedicated to establishing a lasting relationship built on trust. Dr. Schwartz and the staff of our dentist office want patients to feel respected, understood and confident in the dentistry they receive.

Read the testimonials of our patients to learn more about the exceptional patient care and quality of dentistry you can expect to receive from Dr. Levey.

Preventing Tooth Decay

The two most important factors in maintaining lifelong dental health are routine preventive care visits to the dentist and a good oral hygiene routine at home. Dr. Schwartz helps patients understand their unique oral health concerns and educates them on how to avoid complex problems with appropriate dental care. Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases affecting both children and adults today, and is often preventable with proper dental care.

Left untreated, tooth decay will lead to deteriorating oral health, which will impact your overall health and increase the risk or severity of cardiovascular and systemic disease. Dr. Schwartz will always recommend the most conservative treatment options, using high quality materials and advanced technology to maintain your smile with lasting results.

During routine visits, Dr. Schwartz screens for common oral health concerns including periodontal disease, tooth decay and early signs of oral cancer or systemic disease. We use advanced digital diagnostics to spot developing problems in the earliest stages, allowing for prompt conservative treatment. DIAGNOdent and digital dental x-rays provide instant, high resolution imagery with no discomfort and minimal radiation exposure.

General dental services can include:

Dental FillingsGeneral Dentistry Services
Periodontal TherapyGeneral Dentistry Services
Root CanalGeneral Dentistry Services
Tooth ExtractionsGeneral Dentistry Services
Sedation DentistryGeneral Dentistry Services

Dental Fillings

Frequently used to address tooth decay and cavities, dental fillings are one of the most common of dental treatments-and one that most people will experience at some point in their lives. Dental fillings can also be used for repairing tooth damage such as cracks or chips to restore the integrity of the tooth and prevent further deterioration.

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Periodontal Therapy

General Dentistry ServicesDr. Scott Schwartz emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy gums- they are not only the support structure for healthy teeth, but serve as a barrier to harmful bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and affect overall physical health. This mouth body connection continues to be carefully studied, producing growing evidence that strains of oral bacteria can cause inflammation in many areas of the body and are connected to a wide range of diseases.

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Root Canal

Dr. Schwartz will always strive to maintain the health of your natural teeth, reserving tooth extraction as a last resort for severely diseased or decayed teeth. A root canal will be recommended to save a natural tooth whenever possible.

Many advances in both materials and techniques have made the root canal procedure less painful and more effective, enabling you to avoid losing a tooth and restoring your overall oral health.

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Tooth Extractions

Dr. Schwartz performs tooth extractions in the comfort of our Croton On Hudson dentist office when deemed necessary for long term dental health. Tooth extractions are always considered the option of last resort- recommended only when a root canal is not sufficient due to severe damage or infection.

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Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel anxious when visiting the dentist? Have you been avoiding the dentist for some time due to fear and anxiety?

We welcome patients who suffer with dental anxiety to our Croton On Hudson dentist office. Led by Dr. Scott Schwartz, we have an experienced and dedicated staff committed to providing personalized dental care one patient at a time.

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