Bleeding Gums
Periodontal, or gum, disease often goes undetected and undiagnosed if you are not visiting with Dr. Schwartz regularly. Unfortunately, most patients do not realize they have gum disease until it has advanced and begun to cause noticeable damage. This can often result in the need for extensive treatment in order to restore dental health and may also have an affect on overall health and well being.

Bleeding gums is a common sign of early gum disease, indicating that infection may be present and should be addressed as soon as possible. Dr. Schwartz offers periodontal therapy for the signs and symptoms of gum disease to restore health and prevent further damage to either gum tissue or teeth- the gums support the teeth and poor gum health can lead to loose teeth, shifting teeth and tooth loss.

What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding gums often indicates that the gums are irritated or inflamed, most likely as a result of plaque building up along the gum line. This early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further progression of periodontal disease. There are other reasons for bleeding gums, including:

  • Pregnancy: increased hormone levels can make the gums sensitive and prone to bleeding during oral hygiene care
  • Aggressive tooth brushing: using a hard bristled tooth brush and/or brushing too hard can cause the gums to bleed
  • Medical conditions: certain health issues can lead to sensitive gums that bleed
  • Poor nutrition: vitamin deficiencies and nutritional concerns can lead to bleeding gums and periodontal disease

Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Dr. Schwartz will screen for gum disease during routine preventive care visits, another important reason to visit our Croton On Hudson dentist office twice a year. If you have noticed that your gums bleed during routine tooth brushing or eating, mention this during your visits to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Schwartz has incorporated advanced dental technology for more in depth analysis of your periodontal bacteria and can provide an assessment of your personal risk for both gum disease and overall health concerns related to inflammation that has been linked to certain strains of oral bacteria.

Through the use of a Phase Contrast Microscope, Dr. Schwartz can quickly and painlessly evaluate your periodontal health and provide more personalized treatment for optimal results.

Treatment options can include:

  • Scaling and root planing
  • Laser dentistry
  • Perio Protect products

Restoring healthy gums is important for preserving the health and integrity of your teeth- gum disease remains a leading cause of tooth loss in adults today.

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