Oct 20, 2017

At this time of year, one of the things that kids (and if we’re honest, adults too!) look forward to most is eating treats! Candy comes in many forms and premiere dentist in Croton on Hudson NY, Cortlandt Manor NY, Peekskill NY, and the surrounding Westchester County area, Dr. Bard Levey wants you to enjoy yourself, but not ruin your braces! He and his amazing team created a comprehensive list of candies that should be fine for your child to eat and some that should be avoided at all costs. We don’t want to see anyone with any dental concerns in the near future.

Braces and Candy: What Can I Eat?

Some people think that wearing braces and candy don’t mix. We’re here to tell you that it simply isn’t true and you can absolutely join in on the fun, this season!

The Good

  • Chocolate – Chocolate is perfectly fine to be eaten with braces! It is (usually) soft and easy to chew, with limited potential to be stuck under wires or between braces. This also includes chocolate with soft peanut butter, but best to avoid chocolate mixed with whole or hard nuts. Ex: Original Hershey’s bar, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

The Bad

  • Hard Candies – Hard candies are fine for braces, if your child chooses only to suck on them. Biting down can quickly and easily damage braces. Beware of hard candies!Ex: Jolly Ranchers, Lollipops.• Sticky Candies – Sticky candies get caught in (and on!) braces. This can be hard to clean off and can actually rip the bracket from the tooth and bend wires.Ex: Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls.

The Ugly

  • Toffees & Taffys – Toffee is a strange candy. It’ starts out somewhat hard and then becomes chewy. Both of these things are not good for braces. Ex: Heath bars, Laffy Taffy.

Other Foods that May or May Not be Okay to Eat with Braces

  • Popcorn – The kernels and hard pieces are dangerous for braces! It is best to avoid popcorn, at all costs!
  • Apples – Applies and similar fruits are perfectly fine for braces!

As a dentist in Croton on Hudson NY, Dr. Levey wants you to know that no matter what you eat, especially during the holidays, be sure to take extra special care of your teeth! Brush regularly, if not more than usual, to ensure that you prevent cavities and from having food get stuck in your braces. See? Braces and candy can live in harmony! And, Dr. Levey wants you to remember to have fun!

“I’ve tried several “holistic” dentists in my quest for care and I happily stop my search with Dr Levey. I can feel I am receiving the best care possible and always am relaxed in Dr Levey’s office. I’m impressed by the new technology he weaves into the practice, increasing my enjoyment each visit. I appreciate his obvious knowledge and the confidence he rightly exudes, his attitude is forthright.”

-Elizabeth Pasquale

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